Language through a different lens

It’s never easy to watch your child struggle with something that seems effortless for others. My lovely daughter, who is dyslexic, found her early years of school particularly challenging. But her determination and hard work have now led her to a profession where she can fully use her exceptional maths skills.

Working in publishing and being no stranger to writing, I confess that initially, I found it tough to truly comprehend the struggles she faced. However, living and working in France, I found myself suddenly immersed in a new linguistic landscape, with unfamiliar spelling rules, sentence structures, and vocabulary. This has offered me fresh insight into the challenges my daughter has been overcoming all these years.

Yesterday, the team at Ebenisterie Allonne pointed out an error in their advert. I’m not too proud to admit that it took me a good ten minutes of comparing and before I spotted the mistake. Here’s the corrected advert that will feature in our August magazine. My sincere thanks to Alexis for his patience and understanding.

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