You may be aware through other channels that health issues forced us to abandon the Feb issue of The DSM.

Unfortunately, our current medical situation has not improved, in fact it has worsened, so we have very reluctantly taken the decision that we must cease producing The DSM Magazine.
Our time running the magazine has been an incredible journey, we have loved every minute (well … almost every minute) and will sorely miss it.
This is not where we had hoped we would be but sadly we feel we have no choice.

If you are an advertiser or subscriber part way through a multi-month package, Lynne will be in touch over the coming couple of weeks to arrange credit notes and refunds for you.

While our stewardship of The DSM is ending, we hope that there might be someone out there willing to take on the magazine. If you are interested in potentially taking The DSM on, please drop us an email ( ) including a phone number and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

Tony & Lynne
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‘The Deux-Sèvres Monthly’ is a free, monthly magazine for the English speaking community living in, holidaying in or with an interest in, the Deux-Sèvres and surrounding areas of France.

The magazine was first launched in March 2011 and is available to pick up throughout the Deux-Sèvres and surrounding areas each month, with distribution points including Poitiers airport, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, estate agents, shops, tourist information offices and others. (For detailed information, please see our Distribution List). For those not living in reach of a pickup point, we offer a subscription service (nationally and internationally).

Since its creation, ‘The Deux-Sèvres Monthly’ magazine has become a much loved resource for English speaking people in the region and offers good value, and an excellent return, to its advertisers.

If you cannot get your hands on a printed copy, an online version of the current issue can be seen by clicking on the front cover image (on the right side of this page). We also provide an archive of all older magazines. Our site also includes an Online Business Directory, area information and advertising options for both the printed and online versions of our magazine.

We strive to give both readers and advertisers an interesting, well created magazine, that feedback tells us, is eagerly awaited each month.

Hope you enjoy.

Tony & Lynne Wigmore

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