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Regular Articles - Allianz

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If you've enjoyed reading the articles supplied by Isabelle Want at Allianz, you'll be pleased to find them all listed here as reference!

SEPTEMBER 2016: Reducing your Income Tax Legally

AUGUST 2016: My Personal View on the Brexit and some Actual Facts

JULY 2016: SCPI - Rental Investment with a Difference

JUNE 2016: Accidental Insurance

MAY 2016: Income Tax Forms

APRIL 2016: French Income Tax

MARCH 2016: Health Insurance - Top-up Health

FEBRUARY 2016: French Tax on Pension Lump Sums

JANUARY 2016: Terrorism and Insurance

DECEMBER 2015: Travel Insurance

NOVEMBER 2015: Changes to the Inheritance Law in France

OCTOBER 2015: PEL: Plan Epargne Logement

SEPTEMBER 2015: Change For Beneficiaries of 'Aide Complementaire Santé'

AUGUST 2015: Meet the Allianz Team

JULY 2015: Legal Cover / Protection Juridique

JUNE 2015: What To Do When You Have a Car Accident

Download the Accident Statement in English

MAY 2015: Income Tax Forms

APRIL 2015: French Income Tax

MARCH 2015: How to Cancel Insurance (Law 'loi hamon)

FEBRUARY 2015: Accident Insurance

JANUARY 2015: Changes to the Inheritance Law in France


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